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Getting Pushy: pushing data from server to browser

As single page web applications and dynamic updating applications become the way that web applications are delivered, pushing data from the server to the client when there's state change server-side keeps the applications "alive" and doing server-push via REST is a challenge. Doing server-push via web sockets has limitations related to how many open connections to a given host are allowed by the client.

The Lift web framework has excellent support for server-push technology that abstracts the delivery mechanism from the delivery itself so that the browser and server can deal with lost connections, connection starvation, etc. without involving the application developer.

Join David Pollak, Lift's founder, as he walks through Lift's design decision and then see those same design decisions applied to a Clojure/ClojureScript/AngularJS side project that David has been working on.

David Pollak

David Pollak

David Pollak founded Visi.Pro, Cloud Computing for the Rest of Us along with the Visi Language open source project. David founded the Lift Web Framework and continuously contributes to Lift. David wrote Beginning Scala and ran the first Scala-focused conferences. In the past David wrote software for NextStep (which has morphed into iOS) including Mesa, the world's first real-time spreadsheet. You can find David on Twitter @dpp and IRL finding good Pho restaurants or walking Archer his dog along with the rest of his family in San Francisco.