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Functional Reactive Programming in Elm

Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) is a simple and elegant way to design and structure interactive code, from games and user interfaces to robotics. Elm is a young functional language that brings this approach to the web, allowing you to easily create complex interfaces with shockingly few lines of code.

This talk will fully explain the key concepts of Functional Reactive Programming and how these ideas can help you write better programs in any language. It will show how FRP can entirely avoid callback hell, and it will build up to live-coding a surprisingly concise and readable Mario game. You will leave this talk knowing how to write games with FRP.

Evan Czaplicki

Evan Czaplicki


I am a functional programmer at heart, and my broad goal is to provide the tools and learning resources to make functional languages common in industry. I work full-time to develop Elm’s compiler, tools, and community to make it a great choice for web and cross-platform projects. I recently moved from Google to Prezi to work on Elm full-time, so I split my time between Prezi’s two main outposts: San Francisco and Budapest.