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Erlang for Authoritative DNS

You should never write an authoritative DNS server, but if you do, Erlang is a pretty good choice of language for implementing one. In this talk I will explain why we selected Erlang to develop our new authoritative DNS server for DNSimple. I will show you features of the language that were beneficial to the development of the system and I will present examples of code demonstrating how those features are used.

I will also cover some of the challenges we faced when developing the application, including how we identified and overcame specific performance bottlenecks.

Anthony Eden

Anthony Eden

Aetrion LLC dba DNSimple

Anthony Eden is the founder of DNSimple and the perpetrator of numerous open source projects such as erl-dns, ActiveWarehouse and Rails SQL Views. Anthony has also contributed to a wide variety of open source projects over the past 17 years as a software developer, using multiple languages including Java, Python, Ruby, Clojure and Erlang. Anthony has spoken at various conferences in the US and Europe on topics such as Ruby, Rails and various software development techniques and best practices. Anthony currently lives near Montpellier, France.