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Dart for the Language Enthusiast

As a card-carrying language nerd, I pore over every new language offering to see what shiny new bits it comes with. Given the chance, I'd be happy to bore you to tears talking about lazy evaluation in Io or generators in Icon or multiple dispatch in Dylan.

When I heard Google was working on a new language for the browser almost two years ago, I jumped at the chance to join the team. Since then, we've been working feverishly to make the language, libraries and tools more awesome, but that may not be apparent if all you've seen of Dart is a few blog posts and tweets.

Since I've got the inside view, I'll go deeper and show you my favorite facets of the language. From laziness and higher-order functions to asynchrony and abstraction, I'll try to convince you that while Dart is designed to be familiar, it's anything but boring.

Bob Nystrom

Bob Nystrom


Bob is a fervent programming language enthusiast working on the Dart language team. In earlier incarnations, he was a game developer at EA working on Madden and other titles, a UI designer who has built apps from the pixels up, and a computer animator for children's educational videos.