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Daimio: a language for sharing

Daimio is a new language for sharing functionality in safe and friendly ways. We'll explore the architectural possibilities this opens up, examine the techniques used to achieve security, consider it with respect to similar systems (dataflow, actors, CSP, FBP, FRP, RDP, etc), peek under the hood to see how it's built, use the available editing tools, and learn how to extend it.

Along the way we'll encounter a serverless MMO, create a modular synthesizer, experiment with video hacking, and experience collaborative projectional editing -- and we'll do it all in the browser. Bring your laptop. First three rows get wet.

dann toliver

dann toliver

Bento Miso

Author of Daimio. Make things at Bento Box. Co-founder of Bento Miso, a non-profit collaborative workspace focused on lowering barriers to entry in the technology world. Likes math.