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Chrome Security Secret Sauce

Chrome is a web browser built for the modern web driven by three guiding principles: speed, simplicity, and security. This talk will focus on Chrome security. We will go over current online threats and some of the ways Chrome protects users, along with Chrome's philosophies, successes, and ongoing challenges to doing security in a browser.

Parisa Tabriz

Parisa Tabriz

Google Inc.

Parisa Tabriz is Google's "Security Princess" - that's her real job title! She has worked on information security at Google for more than 6 years, starting as a "hired hacker" software engineer for Google's security team. As an engineer, she found and closed security holes in Google's web applications, and taught other engineers how to do the same. Her motto: do know evil! Today, Parisa manages Google's Chrome security engineering team, whose goal is to make Chrome the most secure platform to browser the web and keep users safe when doing so. In 2012, she was selected by Forbes as one of the 30 under 30 pioneers in technology. When she's not hacking on code, she likes to escape the warm buzz of Silicon Valley to take pictures of far away places or go hiking and rock climbing in the mountains.