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Building a Multi-Master Distributed Redis in Erlang

We'll cover the process of building a Highly Available NoSQL database that speaks the Redis protocol - Edis. It's a Redis clone written in Erlang that provides a Multi-Master alternative to Redis single point of Failure. Edis is open source, allows pluggable backends, and implements the paxos algorithm to do leader election among multiple peer nodes. This makes Edis a bit like Riak but ... different in that there is still a single authority for atomic operations like INCR, DECR, etc. This talk will be fascinating for NoSQL fans, people curious about functional languages like Erlang and the OTP platform, and people who want to learn more about distributed computing.

Chad DePue

Chad DePue


Chad is the founder of Inaka, a consultancy of 25 developers that focuses on end-to-end apps for startups and has a number of high-profile clients such as Viacom, Fox, and successful startups such as Whisper. His background is in Microsoft Visual Studio and as a former VP of Engineering at Good technology. He speaks on functional programming languages like Erlang and Elixir, NoSQL databases and Entrepreneurship.