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21st Century Vim

Ever wonder why so many of the best developers insist on using an editor created before some of them were even born? After attending this workshop, it'll all make sense.

We'll start with the essentials, like the modes, motions, operators, and commands that make up the "language" of Vim, exploring how and why Vim works the way it does. (Even long-time users can expect some "ah ha!" moments here.) After that, we'll move through a wide range of topics, including...

...and more! (No, really. This is Vim -- there's always more.)

In short, this workshop will show you how to tailor Vim to your needs, use it most effectively, and integrate it into a modern development workflow. Along the way, of course, we'll also cover dozens of tips, tricks, and techniques to make using Vim more productive and fun.

Bill Odom

Bill Odom

Bill has far too many years of experience as a systems architect and software developer, working on everything from wiki software for Internet startups to global identity management solutions for Fortune 500 companies. He’s an active member of the Open Source community, and even served as president of the Perl Foundation from 2005 through 2007 (but try not to hold that against him). He’s also a long-time user and advocate of Vim, and has given many well-received classes and presentations on Vim to several organizations throughout the US.