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In 2010, NY Times columnist David Pogue described Square as "beautiful, simple and a joy to use." Square's dedication to user experience continues to strike a chord. Today, more than 2M merchants and individuals use Square to process $6B annually.

How does Square deliver its trademark seamlessness? Simple. By routinely tackling daunting engineering challenges, shielding merchants and payers alike from the inherent complexities of payment processing.

Bob takes the audience on a tour of Square's stack, tracing the payment lifecycle from end to end. From magnetic stripe decoding to multi-homed data centers, Bob talks about lessons learned–what worked and what didn't–and the variety of technologies and open source frameworks concealed behind Square's simple façade.

David Czarnecki

David Czarnecki

Agora Games

David Czarnecki is a lead engineer at Agora Games (a part of Major League Gaming),, a company that specializes in building middleware to power video games, both in-game and on the web. He is the author of 2 books for O'Reilly and had previously been developing exclusively in Java for nearly 15 years. He has been developing in Ruby and Rails since joining Agora Games in 2008 and has been a speaker at conferences like JavaOne, RailsConf and Ruby Midwest. David loves video games, especially the Guitar Hero series and Left 4 Dead.