Strange Loop

Introduction to Apache Hadoop

The Disruptor is an open source concurrent programming framework developed by LMAX Exchange, a financial exchange based in London.

The most interesting thing about it is how the Disruptor has promoted discussions about approaches to writing high performance code, and shown that Java is a serious contender in this space.

Contrary to the current trend of hiding multi-threaded concerns behind languages or frameworks, the Disruptor provides a way to do quite the opposite - to enable developers to think about how to parallelise their architecture in a straightforward and easy to code fashion. In this workshop, Trisha Gee from LMAX Exchange will show examples of how to use the Disruptor to share data between threads, and walk you through how to create your own application using the Disruptor.

Tom Wheeler

Tom Wheeler

Cloudera, Inc.

Tom Wheeler’s career spans more than fifteen years in the communications, biotech, financial, healthcare, aerospace and defense industries. Before joining Cloudera in 2011, he was a software engineer, technical trainer and occasional system administrator. Ten years ago he worked on the design and implementation of a scalable, fault-tolerant, distributed data processing system. He's overjoyed that Apache Hadoop has since been invented, as this means nobody else need ever suffer this way again.