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Grace: an open source educational OO language

We are engaged in the design of a new object-oriented educational programming language called Grace. Our motivation is frustration with available languages, most of which are approaching 20 years old. In this talk, I'll outline the principal features of Grace, discuss open issues, and listen to your reactions while all the choices are still on the table. In particular, I'll give some examples from the design process so far, showing how conceptually orthogonal design decisions all too easily end up as tightly coupled gordian knots. For more information see:

Michael Homer

Michael  Homer

Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Michael Homer has a long-standing interest in programming languages and language features that help programmers say what they mean. He has worked on the GoboLinux distribution and is also interested in JavaScript, the web, and data storage, and is currently designing and building the compiler for the Grace language.