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Influence It.

Many technical decisions are guided by an inspiring and convincing talk. Though developers like yourself often invest in sharpening coding skills, equal time should be given to tuning your ever-important communication skills. It's easy, with this bit of design mentoring and content guidance, to have a more noticeable impact on the choice of tools, processes, libraries and languages on projects to which you contribute via your engaging presentations.

Study It.

We'll bet you have such an awesome technical talk already running around in your head. But do you know how to express such a talk in a compelling story line with rich and useful visuals? Do you know when to employ and when to avoid certain educational "devices" within your show? Many presentations on presentations aim to inspire in the realm of design or story telling, but in contrast, this workshop will provide concrete actions and individual mentoring to amp up your talk while keeping the purity of your educational objective.

Do It.

You'll finish this workshop with a sharp and information-rich presentation on a topic of your choosing that will be ready to share next week back at your office. We're confident that with the application of our easy-to-follow patterns, you'll deliver your compelling new talk in your now-impressive style.

David Geary

David Geary

Clarity Training, Inc.