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Wrap Your SQL Head Around Riak MapReduce

"NoSQL is awesome! I need to use it on my next project!" ... [hours later] ... "How the heck do I get my data out of this thing?!"

Sound familiar? Non-relational data storage solutions (NoSQL) promise all kinds of benefits -- scalability, flexibility, fault-tolerance -- but (by the nature of the moniker) don't have SQL to query with. Riak is one such solution, a distributed key-value store that implements MapReduce for querying, and has some awesome client libraries for Ruby, Java, Python, and Node.js. We'll briefly look at why you might want to use Riak, discuss how MapReduce works in Riak, and then dive into converting some pretty common SQL queries into their MapReduce equivalents, all using code you know how to write, Javascript!

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Sean Cribbs

Sean Cribbs

Basho Technologies

Sean joined Basho Technologies in March 2010, where he supports, evangelizes, and hacks on Riak, Basho's distributed datastore. Prior to Basho, Sean spent three years as a freelance web developer, in the course of which he worked on numerous startups and open-source projects, including the popular Radiant content management system which is built with Ruby on Rails. Sean studied Music Theory and Composition at the graduate level and directed a chorus after receiving bachelors degrees in Computer Science and Music from the University of Tulsa. Sean has practical experience in building scalable web applications, a passion for educating others, and broad theoretical knowledge of technical topics. He enjoys playing the piano in his free time.