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Why CouchDB?

Data gets lonely. Much of our data is trapped in proprietary formats, restricted cloud silos, or remote locations that require an "always on" Internet connection. What happens if the power goes out? or Twitter is down? or, worse, your bank? We'll take a look at how CouchDB solves these problems with it's schema-less data store, "kill -9" compatible, append-only database format, REST API, and HTTP-based replication.

CouchDB doesn't stop there. We'll also survey the surrounding ecosystem including plugins like the R-tree, spatial/geographical index, GeoCouch, check out some options for "scaling out" CouchDB, and look at "scaling down" with Mobile Couchbase for Android and iOS.

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Benjamin Young

Benjamin Young

Couchbase, Inc.

Benjamin Young has been working his way through technologies for the last decade, gradually moving from ASP to Apache Cocoon to PHP to Apache CouchDB. His search for a "tangible" data store with a user friendly API has landed him at Couchbase where he works on User Experience design. Prior to joining Couchbase, he was principle at BigBlueHat where he developed BlueInk, a PHP/MySQL CMS which he is now porting to CouchDB.