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Testing, Testing, iOS

Unit testing is an important part of software development, and many frameworks exist to support it on iOS.

In this talk, I'll give an overview of three unit testing frameworks ("SenTestingKit":, "Google Toolbox for Mac":, and "GHUnit":, two UI interaction frameworks ("UISpec":, "UIAutomation":, and a mocking framework ("OCMock":

I'll write tests for a simple application using all frameworks and evaluate them based on: * Ease of use for writing tests * Error reporting * Debugging * Integration with XCode * Integration with the command line

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Heath Borders

Heath Borders

Asynchrony Solutions, Inc.

I've been a full-time iOS developer for 2 years, and I've built and delivered 3 iOS apps for major enterprises. I started learning iOS when the iOS 2.0 SDK was announced in July 2008. I've dabbled in Android and webOS development and run "STL Mobile Dev": St. Louis' Mobile Developers Group. Before my adventures in mobile development, I was an awesome Java EE and Eclipse RCP developer. During the spring, I play "Hurling":