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Skynet: A Scalable, Distributed Service Mesh in Go

The Go programming language is fast like C and flexible like Python. Skynet takes advantage of Go's powerful features to create a highly scalable mesh of service processes. Skynet services self-announce and self-configure when they start so that they're immediately available to the rest of the mesh. Creating a Skynet service couldn't be simpler: just use the built-in generator, insert your business logic and compile. This presentation will demonstrate creating a service in Skynet, then deploying it to several servers. We will demonstrate Skynet's self-healing capabilities and built-in monitoring, and discuss the features of Go that make Skynet possible. With Skynet your company worry less about uptime and spend more time on your customers.

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Brian Ketelsen

Brian Ketelsen

Brian Ketelsen, LLC

Brian Ketelsen is the Chief Operating Officer of Clarity Services, Inc., a credit bureau focusing on sub-prime consumers. Clarity uses a wide variety of cutting edge technologies to provide real-time credit information for lenders. Brian created RailsLiveCD, a popular Linux distribution that distributed a self-contained Rails development environment. Brian has authored or co-authored many open source libraries for Ruby and Go, and is the author of the Pragmatic Bookshelf Title: The Go Programming Language.