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Sept 30 - Oct 2, 2021


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St. Louis, MO

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New-age Transactional Systems - Not Your Grandpa's OLTP

Most developers are familiar with the special requirements of high volume OLTP applications such as airline reservation systems and capital market (“tick”) feeds – systems that process massive amounts of real-time data with “high 9s” availability and ACID-level consistency. Such extreme requirements demand highly specialized data infrastructures costing many millions of dollars.

Fueled by mobile computing, online gaming and interactive web applications, a new class of transactional systems is emerging. These systems have many characteristics of their traditional OLTP counterparts, including the need for guaranteed transactional consistency, but there are also important differences:

In this session, John Hugg will discuss real-world applications of high volume transaction processing. He’ll explore high- and low-frequency transaction profiles, as well as the need for real-time analytics. Importantly, John will also discuss how high volume transactional solutions like VoltDB can be integrated into existing data infrastructures.

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John Hugg

John Hugg


John Hugg has spent his entire career working with databases and information management. At the start of 2008, he was lured away from a Ph.D.program by Mike Stonebraker to work on what became VoltDB. As the first engineer on the product, he liaised with a team of academics at MIT, Yale and Brown who were building H-Store, VoltDB's research prototype. Then he helped build the world-class engineering team at VoltDB to continue development of the open source and commercial products. John has Bachelors and Masters of Science in Computer Science from Tufts University.