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Heresies and Dogmas in Software Development

Best practices come and go. Ideas that were considered indisputable, dogmas, sometimes fall out of favor, even becoming heresies. Let's look at four ideas from the history of software development, ideas that have gone in and out of favor (at least in some circles), from dogma to heresy. Has our understanding what is "good" changed? Has the nature of today's work influenced our thinking? What general lessons can we learn from these examples?

The four examples are: 1. Design Then Code. 2. Design Patterns. 3. Corba vs. REST. 4. Object Middleware and ORMs.

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Dean Wampler

Dean Wampler

Think Big Analytics

Dean Wampler specializes in Scala and “big data” analytics using the Hadoop ecosystem of tools. He is a Principal Consultant at Think Big Analytics ( and the co-author of Programming Scala (O’Reilly Media). Dean has a Ph.D. in Physics, but he's mostly recovered.