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Embedding Ruby and RubyGems Over RedBridge

If you are a JVM language lover, this presentation is for you because you know you can mix multiple JVM languages in a single code. If you have JRuby in your toolbox, Ruby and RubyGems are friends of your favorite JVM languages. Even famous RubyGems, Rails, is, for example. Isn’t it nice? You can get a lot of help from RubyGems without writing Ruby code. Magic is RedBridge. RedBridge is Java API to hook Ruby code up, easily.

But, wait. Why didn’t JRuby simply implement JSR223? Off course, JRuby has a JSR223 engine; however, it is, unfortunately, short for JRuby. Important methods and ideas are missing. That’s why JRuby had RedBridge, which is really JRuby friendly. For example, below is a list of the ideas/methods added to RedBridge: - A local context scope - A variable type - A receiver object - Loading from classpaths - Configuration methods - Termination method

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Yoko Harada

Yoko Harada

Yoko is a dedicated programmer, blogger and, maybe, a nerd. She likes to code, read sources and learn new languages. Currently, Yoko is a committer of JRuby and Nokogiri project. When her API, RedBridge was merged to JRuby, she became a JRuby committer along with it in 2009. She became a Nokogiri committer in 2010 to help pure Java Nokogiri implementation to finish. Because JRuby and XML are Yoko’s favorite technologies, it was a good fit. Before that, Yoko was a server side Java evangelist in Japan, and wrote three books about Java Servlet. After she had more than three years of blank in 2005-8, she’s back to programming. Now, she enjoys days of happy coding.