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Dynamo is not just for datastores

Find out how to build decentralized distributed systems based on a Dynamo-esque philosophy using riak_core, which is used to abstract away some of the more complicated decentralized and distributed features of Riak KV, Riak Search and other applications. riak_core is an open source library written in Erlang that runs masterless distributed applications inside of it. Riak KV is a dynamo-inspired decentralized distributed key-value datastore that has received attention in the NoSQL world and is built on top of riak_core.

In this talk I will demonstrate how to implement in applications built running in riak_core: * Implementing a coordinator which enforces the consistency semantics of N, R and W and performs read repair. * Implementing a vnode which handles one partition on the consistent hashing ring. * How to depcompose your applications logic into "commands" which is central to implementing a vnode callback module. * Discuss how to implement hinted handoff using the riak_core vnode behavior callbacks.

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Susan Potter

Susan Potter

Since 1996 Susan has been working with trading firms and tech startups designing and building large production-deployed distributed software services and applications. Over the last 6 years she has worked primarily with Erlang/OTP, Ruby, Javascript and dabbled in Haskell and Clojure. Prior to Susan's enlightenment she used and abused Java/J2EE/JEE, C++, Perl.