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Sept 30 - Oct 2, 2021


Union Station


St. Louis, MO

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CSS3 and Sass

In a perfect world, every company would have a web "designer" that makes our web apps pretty. It's not a perfect world. Web developers need to know some CSS!

We'll start by quickly covering the basics of CSS. Then we'll dive into the CSS3 features that are supported by recent versions of popular browsers. Finally, we'll explore a way to improve the syntax of CSS.

Sass stands for "Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets". It provides two new syntaxes for CSS. One is a superset of CSS3 and the other is a more concise version of that. Both are translated to standard CSS by a Ruby application before a web site/application is deployed. The features Sass adds to CSS include variables, selector nesting, mixins and selector inheritance.

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Mark Volkmann

Mark Volkmann

Object Computing, Inc.

Mark Volkmann is a partner at Object Computing, Inc. (OCI) in St. Louis where he has provided software consulting since 1996. As a consultant, Mark has assisted many companies with Java, Ruby, XML, web app. development. Mark created and teaches many courses in software development. The topics covered include Java, Swing, XML, Web Services, Ruby, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. Mark is a member of the St. Louis Java User Group steering committee and a regular presenter for that group. He has written for XML Journal. He has presented at XML DevCon conferences, all the No Fluff Just Stuff Gateway Software Symposiums, and the Strange Loop conferences.