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Core HTML5 Canvas: Mind-blowing Apps in Your Browser

Before the web, software developers implemented what we now refer to as desktop applications, using powerful graphics APIs that gave them the ability to program pretty much anything they could imagine. Then along came browsers with virtually no standard graphics support at all. Enter boring web applications, and dull work for developers.

But now, with HTML5 Canvas, developers have a powerful graphics API that lets them develop mind-blowing applications. Now you can implement desktop-like applications that run in a browser. In this session, you'll see how.

This talk is a demo-fueled, fast-paced introduction to HTML5 Canvas. You'll get an overview of the Canvas API, and see how you can use it to draw, manipulate images, and implement sprite-based animation. You will get a feel for what you can do with this powerful API, and you'll get a basic understanding of how to harness that power.

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David Geary

David Geary

Clarity Training, Inc.

A prominent author, speaker, and consultant, David Geary is the author of 6 Java books, four of which are best-sellers in their respective categories, including one of the best-selling Java book series of all time, Graphic Java. David is currently writing Core HTML5 for Prentice-Hall. David has worked on several open-source projects, and was the second committer for the venerable Struts web application framework. David served on Sun expert groups, helping to define technologies such as the JSP tag library, and JavaServer Faces. David is also a prolific speaker who has spoken at hundreds of conferences, and is a three-time JavaOne Rock Star.