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Android App Assimilation

The best Android apps are those that tightly integrate with the platform and other applications.  Unlike many other platforms, in Android this capability is available to any application developer; Android is designed for users to hop from app to app seamlessly and for data to be ubiquitous and shareable, not kept in silos accessible only from the home screen.

In this talk we'll take a tour of integration points available to the Android application developer.  We'll touch on opportunities to integrate tightly with the platform itself and with the built-in applications; on consuming data and services from other apps; on exposing your own app's data and services for consumption; and on providing convenient entry points into your app itself.

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Logan Johnson

Logan Johnson

Mobilization Labs

I'm a software developer based in Atlanta, where I lead engineering for Mobilization Labs. Though happily engaged of late in Ruby work, my background is in Javaland where I've developed everything from test frameworks to airport baggage scanners with Terminator vision. Today my heart is captive to Scala and Android, the virtues of which I evangelize even as I learn them.