Strange Loop

Sept 30 - Oct 2, 2021


Union Station


St. Louis, MO

Virtual Attendee


What is it?

For the first time this year, Strange Loop will provide virtual attendee streaming access for all 4 tracks including all sessions and keynotes on Oct 1 and 2, and the TLA+ conference on Sept 30 (approximately 50 hours of content). Preconference day workshops and the TLA+ pre-workshop are not included.

Additionally, virtual attendees will have access to online conference platforms for discussion before and during the conference.

How much does it cost?

Item Dates Cost
Individual Rate Oct 1-2 $175/per person
Group Rate (minimum of 5) Oct 1-2 $160/per person
Company 25-seat license Oct 1-2 $3,500 total (25 seats)
Company 50-seat license Oct 1-2 $6,000 total (50 seats)
Company 100-seat license Oct 1-2 $10,000 total (100 seats)
Enterprise license Oct 1-2 contact

In-person attendee tickets include streaming access at no additional cost.

How do company licenses work?

Company licenses are purchased on the registration site and can be paid via credit card, paypal, or invoice at checkout. Within 24 hours, you will receive a discount code that can be used up to the specified number of seats for virtual attendees at your company. Each license is tied to an individual attendee by email and cannot be shared. When attendees register with the code, they will receive an invite to the Vito hub for streaming and other conference sites when available.

If you wish to increase the number of licenses and that would put you in a new lower-rate seat tier, we can give you the lower rate for the full block size. That is, if you have a 25-seat license and want an additional 25 seats, we will charge you the delta for the lower 50-seat license rate ($6000-$3500=$2500) rather than the cost of a second 25-seat license ($3500). Please contact us for something like this.

Company virtual attendee licenses may be substituted or cancelled until Sept 29th using an online form (not yet available).

The discount code for virtual attendee registration will be provided when payment is received. Company license sales are final and may not be cancelled or refunded or reduced to a lower license count.

Can I cancel my virtual attendee ticket?

Individual or group virtual attendee tickets can be cancelled until Sept 29th for a full refund. After Sept 29th, no refunds will be granted.

Company license sales are final and may not be cancelled or refunded.

Can I change an in-person ticket for a virtual ticket or vice-versa?

Yes, please contact us and we can take care of that.

Company virtual attendee licenses cannot be converted to physical attendee tickets.

Will videos be available after the event?

All videos will be released on YouTube after the event, but over several months.

How will the streams be accessed?

All virtual attendees will receive an invite to the Strange Loop hub on where streams will be made available during the conference.

What discussion forums will I get access to?

You will get access to the Vito hub and the conference Slack community. If other online systems are added later, you will also have access to those.

Can virtual attendees ask questions at a session Q&A?

Maybe! We are still working on the logistics for Q&A.

Do virtual attendees receive any swag?

Virtual attendees will not receive a shirt, stickers, etc. However, these items will be available for purchase on the Strange Loop store if you're interested (along with shirts from previous years)!