NHibernate, There and Back Again

Domain Driven Design should make few, if any, concessions when determining how to persist to a database. Whether you’re getting ready to start on a new project, or looking to simplify an existing system, NHibernate can help. NHibernate is the .NET version of Hibernate and one of the most widely used open source ORMs in the field today. We’ll be building a realistic domain model from scratch (no Foo/Bar here), then show you how to persist and retrieve it from a database. We’ll also take an existing legacy database structure, and show you how NHibernate can assist you in building a rich domain model on top of it.

Hudson Akridge


Hudson currently maintains Ayende’s NHibernate Query Analyzer project, and uses NHibernate on a daily basis in a production environment. Hudson is also a developer for the Fluent NHibernate project.