Ola Bini

Expressing abstraction - Abstracting expression

What is expressiveness? How do you quantify the power of a programming language? How do you design programming languages to maximize productivity? Why are new languages still being designed? Shouldn’t we have created the perfect one by now? After over 60 years of language design, these are still hard questions to talk about. In this presentation I will talk about how I think about expressiveness and language design. I will present some of things I’ve discovered about abstraction, language power and other aspects related to programming languages.

Ola Bini



Ola Bini works as a language geek for ThoughtWorks in Chicago. He is from Sweden but don’t hold that against him. He is one of the JRuby core developers and have been involved in JRuby development since 2006. At one point in time, Ola got tired of all existing programming languages and decided to create his own, called Ioke. Then he did it again, and started work on Seph. He has written a book called Practical JRuby on Rails Projects for APress, and coauthered Using JRuby for the Pragmatic Programmers, talked at numerous conferences, and contributed to a large amount of open source projects. He is also a member of the JSR292 Expert Group.

His main passion lies in implementing languages, working on regular expression engines and trying to figure out how to create good YAML parsers.