Datomic: A New Database System

Datomic is a new distributed database built for the cloud. It deconstructs the traditional database server, separating storage, query and transaction capabilities and scaling them independently. This workshop introduces Datomic’s distributed architecture, Datalog-based query language, ACID transactions and transaction notifications, database functions, flexible data model with built-in
support for time, its data-centric programming API, and deployment options. If you’re interested in building next-generation intelligent applications using a next-generation database, this is the workshop for you!

Stuart Halloway

Relevance, Inc


Stuart Halloway, the author of Programming Clojure, is a co-founder of Relevance, Inc. With over 20 years of experience as a programmer, CTO, and CEO, Stuart has built software systems in finance, health care, contract management, online retail, manufacturing, education, and security automation.