Call for Presentations

Strange Loop 2015 Call for Presentations

  • Call for presentation opens: April 27, 2015
  • Call for presentation ends: May 15, 2015 - now closed
  • Speakers notified by: May 29, 2015
  • Registration opens: June 5, 2015
  • Conference dates: Sept 24-26th, 2015

Admission and travel

All speakers receive the following benefits:

  • Free admission to Strange Loop
  • Reduced cost (50% off) on workshops
  • Up to 4 nights of hotel
  • Covered airfare for US or Canada or a $500 travel stipend for international speakers

Talk types

Strange Loop is a developer-focused conference that encompasses past (the history of computing), present (deep dives on today's technology), and future (what's next). Strange Loop is not focused on any particular language or area of technology - see below for more guidance. Reviewing the archives from 2013 and 2014 is a great way to see what has been invited or selected in the past!

This CFP covers two types of talks:

  1. Sessions (40 minutes) during the main Strange Loop conference (Sept 25-26th)
  2. Workshops (2 hours) during the preconference day (Sept 24th)


Sessions are 40 minutes and take place on Sept 25-26, 2015.

Below is some guidance on the kinds of topics we are seeking and have historically accepted.

  • Frequently accepted topics: functional programming, logic programming, dynamic/scripting languages, new or emerging languages, data structures, concurrency, databases, distributed computing, web frameworks, web architecture, performance, virtual machines, security, hardware/software interaction, historical topics.
  • Sometimes accepted (depends on topic): Java, C#, testing frameworks, monads, mobile
  • Rarely accepted (nothing wrong with these, but other confs cover them well): Agile, JavaFX, J2EE, Spring, PHP, ASP, Perl, design, layout, entrepreneurship and startups, game programming, dev ops

Some additional suggestions on getting the best response for your talk:

  • Please submit no more than 2 talks! Contact if you'd like guidance.
  • Your title and abstract should sell your talk to attendees (and reviewers). The abstract should answer the question "Why should I attend this talk? What will I learn?"
  • The "main ideas" section is where you can communicate the next level of detail to reviewers - keep this short but informative.
  • For more info on reasons talks are frequently rejected, please see this blog on talk selection.


Workshops will take place on the preconference day September 24, 2016 at the conference hotel and will be 2 hours in length.

Please read these guidelines before submitting:

  1. You should have significant speaking experience, preferably with long form workshops similar to the one you're proposing.
  2. You should be a expert user or advocate for this technology (creator, implementor, standards committee expert, author, known speaker, etc).
  3. Your title should be simple and direct and clearly mention the primary technology you wish to cover. Don't be fancy, don't be cute, don't be funny.
  4. Your title or abstract should clearly indicate whether the workshop is an intro level, intermediate, or advanced topic.
  5. Your topic should be a technology or tool, not practices or soft skills. Other conferences cover those well; Strange Loop focuses on development. The two types of workshops that have worked best at Strange Loop are: foundational technologies with broad interest (programming languages, major libraries, tools) and very new bleeding edge topics. If you have questions, please email us before submitting.

Multiple presenters

The CFP form will allow you to add multiple presenters to your talk. Please think hard about whether adding speakers to a talk truly adds value to your talk. We may ask you to reduce travel expenses in the case of multiple speakers, although we usually can work it out.

We are always happy to give you feedback in choosing between multiple potential topics and we encourage you to contact with any questions.