Strange Loop

Program Selection

The selection process has two general phases - review and selection. The review team consists of approximately 10 people with a range of backgrounds, focus areas, and familiarity with Strange Loop. As soon as the CFP closes, the reviewers begin rating talks (we usually have about 400 submissions). Reviewing is done blind - reviewers see only talk info, not speaker info.

Not every reviewer rates every talk but in general, most talks get rated at least 6 times. The result of the review process is a set of ratings for every talk and an aggregate rating. The aggregate ratings are a good general measure of interest and we'll often use that to sort talks early in the process. Reviewer comments are also used throughout as we compare talks.

The rating info is used as fodder for the selection process, which is done by the organizers. Selection involves taking the giant pool of submissions and reducing it to the actual conference program. There are a variety of ways we evaluate talks:

Some reasons a talk might not be selected include:

The review phase is blind, so matters of gender/race/company/sponsor affiliation/speaking experience are not considered. In the selection phase, we do consider speaker ability when comparing talks on a particular topic. We also consider company in the interest of balance. We don't explicitly consider other speaker factors although in a close call we may lean on the side of increased diversity. In general, the majority of the selection decision will be based on the content of the talk.