Strange Loop 2012 Video Schedule

Published October 12, 2012 12:32

Below is the video release schedule for the 2012 videos.   All videos will be released on InfoQ.

You can find blogs and other coverage of Strange Loop or all the slides on GitHub.

Week Of Title Speaker
15-Oct-2012 Computing Like the Brain Jeff Hawkins
15-Oct-2012 The State of JavaScript Brendan Eich
15-Oct-2012 Pushing the Limits of Web Browsers Lars Bak
22-Oct-2012 In-memory Databases - the Future is Now! Michael Stonebraker
22-Oct-2012 The Racket Way Matthew Flatt
22-Oct-2012 Runaway complexity in Big Data... and a plan to stop it Nathan Marz
22-Oct-2012 Concurrency in Android G. Blake Meike
29-Oct-2012 Y Not? - Adventures in Functional Programming Jim Weirich
29-Oct-2012 Relational Programming in miniKanren Daniel Friedman, William Byrd
29-Oct-2012 Expressing abstraction - Abstracting expression Ola Bini
29-Oct-2012 Understanding Indexing Zardosht Kasheff
5-Nov-2012 Behind the mirror Chris Granger
5-Nov-2012 Making the Web Faster at Google and Beyond Ilya Grigorik
5-Nov-2012 Julia: A Fast Dynamic Language For Technical Computing Jeff Bezanson, Stefan Karpinski
5-Nov-2012 Eventually Consistent Data Structures Sean Cribbs
12-Nov-2012 Up up and Out: Scaling software with Akka 2 Jonas Boner
12-Nov-2012 Types vs Tests : An Epic Battle? Amanda Laucher, Paul Snively
12-Nov-2012 ClojureScript: Better Semantics at Low, Low Prices! David Nolen
12-Nov-2012 Engineering Elegance: The Secrets of Square's Stack Bob Lee
19-Nov-2012 Data Structures: The Code That Isn't There Scott Vokes
19-Nov-2012 Roy Brian McKenna
19-Nov-2012 The Fragment Transition Corey Latislaw
19-Nov-2012 Android App Anatomy Eric Burke
26-Nov-2012 Visi: Cultured & Distributed David Pollak
26-Nov-2012 Pontificating Quantification Aaron Bedra, Daniel Spiewak
26-Nov-2012 Elm: Making the Web Functional Evan Czaplicki
3-Dec-2012 Humanity 2.0 Matthew Taylor
3-Dec-2012 Clojure+Datomic+Storm = Your Personal Digital Secretary Amit Rathore
3-Dec-2012 Real-World Redis David Czarnecki
10-Dec-2012 Go: code that grows with grace Andrew Gerrand
10-Dec-2012 This is Your Workflow on Catnip Bodil Stokke
10-Dec-2012 Computer Architecture of the 1960's Carlton Mills
17-Dec-2012 H2O: open source BigDatabase for interactive analytics Cliff Click
17-Dec-2012 Get a Leg Up with Twitter Bootstrap Howard Lewis Ship
17-Dec-2012 The Audubon Society for Partial Failures Cliff Moon
24-Dec-2012 How Plato and Aristotle invented modern programming Matt Butcher
24-Dec-2012 Postgres Demystified Craig Kerstiens
24-Dec-2012 Project Lambda in Java 8 Daniel Smith
31-Dec-2012 Deconstructing P vs NP (or why I hate sudoku) Daniel Spiewak
31-Dec-2012 Rust David Herman
31-Dec-2012 Plan: a new dialect of Lisp David Kendal
7-Jan-2013 Scaling scalability: Evolving Twitter Analytics Dmitriy Ryaboy
7-Jan-2013 Information Rich Programming with F# 3.0 Donna Malayeri
7-Jan-2013 monad examples for normal people, in Python and Clojure Dustin Getz
14-Jan-2013 Famous Unsolved Codes: Kryptos Elonka Dunin
14-Jan-2013 Lessons from Erlang: Principles of Building Reliable Systems Garrett Smith
14-Jan-2013 Compiling Scala to LLVM Geoff Reedy
21-Jan-2013 Clever, Classless and Free? Håkan Råberg
21-Jan-2013 A Relational Database System in which Joins Cost Zero Jack Orenstein, Ori Herrnstadt
21-Jan-2013 A Taxonomy of Scala Jamie Allen
28-Jan-2013 Graph: composable production systems in Clojure Jason Wolfe
28-Jan-2013 Concurrency in iOS Jeff Kelley
28-Jan-2013 Symbiotic Languages: Transpiling into JavaScript Jeremy Ashkenas
4-Feb-2013 Doppio: Building a JVM in the Browser Jez Ng, CJ Carey, Jonny Leahy
4-Feb-2013 Zipkin: a distributed tracing framework Johan Oskarsson
4-Feb-2013 Elixir: Modern Programming for the Erlang VM Jose Valim
11-Feb-2013 Building an Impenetrable ZooKeeper Kathleen Ting
11-Feb-2013 Building visual, data-driven UIs with ClojureScript Kevin Lynagh
11-Feb-2013 Stop Using Native HTML5 Kyle Simpson
18-Feb-2013 Transactions: Over used or misunderstood? Mark Little
18-Feb-2013 Apache Cassandra Anti Patterns Matthew Dennis
18-Feb-2013 A Type Driven Approach to Functional Design Michael Feathers
25-Feb-2013 The Reemergence of Datalog Michael Fogus
25-Feb-2013 Grace: an open source educational OO language Michael Homer
25-Feb-2013 Executing Queries on a Sharded Database Neha Narula
4-Mar-2013 Making Hadoop Real Time with Scala and GridGain Nikita Ivanov
4-Mar-2013 What may not be expected in a country of eternal light? Noel Weichbrochdt
4-Mar-2013 Guess lazily! Making a program guess and guess well Oleg Kiselyov
11-Mar-2013 Bandicoot: code reuse for the relational model Ostap Cherkashin, Julius Chrobak
11-Mar-2013 F# for Trading Phillip Trelford
11-Mar-2012 Software Architecture using ZeroMQ Pieter Hintjens
18-Mar-2013 The Database as a Value Rich Hickey
18-Mar-2013 The Higher Order Rubyist Robert Pitts
18-Mar-2013 Designing voice navigated apps Robert van Loghem
25-Mar-2013 River Trail - Parallel Programming in JavaScript Stephan Herhut
25-Mar-2013 Designing Fault Tolerant Distributed Applications Scott Andreas
25-Mar-2013 Cross-Browser Testing with BrowserStack Scott González
1-Apr-2013 Ozma, an extension of Scala with Oz concurrency Sébastien Doeraene
1-Apr-2013 Erlang Web Development with Yaws Steve Vinoski
1-Apr-2013 Functional Design Patterns Stuart Sierra
8-Apr-2013 Angular JS - HTML redesigned for web apps Misko Hevery
8-Apr-2013 Wolfram's data analysis platform Taliesin Beynon
8-Apr-2013 Programming by Voice: becoming a computer whisperer. Tavis Rudd
15-Apr-2013 Getting Physical: Networked Hardware with Node.js Ted Hayes
15-Apr-2013 Numeric Programming in Scala with Spire Tom Switzer, Erik Osheim
15-Apr-2013 A Whole New World Gary Bernhardt

Note: We realize that in some cases this seems like a long time to wait to see the videos, but it is a necessary consequence of the InfoQ partnership that makes the recording, editing, and hosting of the videos possible. The videos are released over time both to comply with the InfoQ editorial schedule and also to serve as a promotional function for future Strange Loop conferences.

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