Strange Loop 2011 Video Schedule

Published October 13, 2011 12:49

Below is the video release schedule for the 2011 videos.   All videos will be released on InfoQ.

Week Of Title Speaker
17-Oct-11 Simple Made Easy Rich Hickey
17-Oct-11 Storm: Twitter's scalable realtime computation system Nathan Marz
24-Oct-11 We Really Don't Know How To Compute! Gerald Sussman
24-Oct-11 Teaching Code Literacy Sarah Allen
31-Oct-11 Running a startup on Haskell Bryan O'Sullivan
31-Oct-11 Core HTML5 Canvas: Mind-blowing Apps in Your Browser David Geary
7-Nov-11 A Tale of Three Trees Scott Chacon
7-Nov-11 Product Engineering Mike Lee
14-Nov-11 Language Panel Dean Wampler (moderator)
14-Nov-11 The Kotlin Programming Language Andrey Breslav
21-Nov-11 Distributed STM: A new programming model for the cloud Cyprien Noel
21-Nov-11 "Post-PC Computing" is not a Vision Allen Wirfs-Brock
28-Nov-11 DataMapper on Infinispan: Clustered NoSQL Lance Ball
28-Nov-11 Heresies and Dogmas in Software Development Dean Wampler
5-Dec-11 Distributed Systems: The Stuff Nobody Told You Shaneal Manek
5-Dec-11 Bringing Riak to the Mobile Platform Kresten Krab Thorup
12-Dec-11 The Mapping Dilemma David Nolen
12-Dec-11 Extreme Cleverness: Functional Data Structures in Scala Daniel Spiewak
19-Dec-11 Mirah for Android Development Brendan Ribera
19-Dec-11 JVM dynamic languages interoperability framework Attila Szegedi
26-Dec-11 Concurrent Caching at Google Charles Fry
26-Dec-11 On Distributed Failures (and handling them with Doozer) Blake Mizerany
2-Jan-12 CoffeeScript, the Rise of "Build Your Own JavaScript" Jeremy Ashkenas
2-Jan-12 Why CouchDB? Benjamin Young
9-Jan-12 Functional Thinking Neal Ford
9-Jan-12 fog or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Cloud Wesley Beary
16-Jan-12 Parser Combinators: How to Parse (nearly) Anything Nate Young
23-Jan-12 The Future of F#: Type Providers Joe Pamer
23-Jan-12 Event-Driven Programming in Clojure Zach Tellman
30-Jan-12 Wrap Your SQL Head Around Riak MapReduce Sean Cribbs
30-Jan-12 Airplane-Mode HTML5: Is your website mobile-ready? Scott Davis
6-Feb-12 New-age Transactional Systems - Not Your Grandpa's OLTP John Hugg
6-Feb-12 Transactions without Transactions Richard Kreuter
13-Feb-12 Running Heroku on Heroku Noah Zoschke
13-Feb-12 Taming Android Eric Burke
20-Feb-12 Actor Interaction Patterns Dale Schumacher
20-Feb-12 Scalaz: Purely Functional Programming in Scala Runar Bjarnason
27-Feb-12 Getting Truth Out of the DOM Yehuda Katz
27-Feb-12 A Tale of Two Runtimes Matthew Taylor
5-Mar-12 Distributed Data Analysis with Hadoop and R Jonathan Seidman, Ramesh Venkataramaiah
5-Mar-12 STM: Silver bullet or ... Peter Veentjer
12-Mar-12 Akka: Reloaded Josh Suereth
12-Mar-12 Ratpack: Classy and Compact Groovy Web Apps James Williams
19-Mar-12 An Introduction to Doctor Who (and Neo4j) Ian Robinson
19-Mar-12 Chloe and the Realtime Web Trotter Cashion
26-Mar-12 Embedding Ruby and RubyGems Over RedBridge Yoko Harada
2-Apr-12 A P2P Digital Self with TeleHash Jeremie Miller
2-Apr-12 Testing, Testing, iOS Heath Borders
9-Apr-12 Generic Programming Galore using D Andrei Alexandrescu
9-Apr-12 Vim: From Essentials to Mastery Bill Odom
16-Apr-12 The Once And Future Script Loader Kyle Simpson
16-Apr-12 Applying Principles of Stage Magic to User Experience Danno Ferrin
23-Apr-12 CSS3 and Sass Mark Volkmann
23-Apr-12 Building Applications with jQuery UI Scott González
30-Apr-12 Dynamo is not just for datastores Susan Potter
30-Apr-12 Android App Assimilation Logan Johnson
7-May-12 Building Polyglot Systems with Scalang Cliff Moon
14-May-12 Glu-ing The Last Mile Ken Sipe
21-May-12 Skynet: A Scalable, Distributed Service Mesh in Go Brian Ketelsen
21-May-12 Distributed Systems with Gevent and ZeroMQ Jeff Lindsay
28-May-12 Hadoop and Cassandra sitting in a tree... Jake Luciani
28-May-12 Have Your Cake and Eat It Too: Meta-Programming Java Howard Lewis Ship

Note: We realize that in some cases this seems like a long time to wait to see the videos, but it is a necessary consequence of the InfoQ partnership that makes the recording, editing, and hosting of the videos possible. The videos are released over time both to comply with the InfoQ editorial schedule and also to serve as a promotional function for future Strange Loop conferences.

We have considered alternative options that would include a video pass (likely in the $150 price range). If you have feedback on this or other ideas for Strange Loop 2012, please contact

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