Strange Loop

Next: September 12-14 2019


Stifel Theatre


St. Louis, MO

Call for Presentations

The CFP is now closed and we are reviewing submissions.

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Talk Formats

Strange Loop is a developer-focused conference that encompasses past (the history of computing), present (deep dives on today's technology), and future (what's next). Strange Loop is not focused on any particular language or area of technology - see below for more guidance. Reviewing the archives from 2016 and 2017 is a great way to see what has been invited or selected in the past!

Sessions are 40 minutes during the main Strange Loop conference (Sept 27-28th). While we normally take presentation proposals for the preconference day (Sept 26th), this year we are configured differently and will NOT be taking workshop proposals.


Sessions are 40 minutes and take place on Sept 13th and 14th, 2019.

This year's tracks are:

Some additional suggestions on getting the best response for your talk:

Multiple presenters

The CFP form allows you to add multiple presenters to your talk. Single speaker talks are preferred, so please consider this option carefully. In some cases we may ask you to work with us to manage travel and hotel costs.


We are always happy to give you feedback in choosing between multiple potential topics and we encourage you to contact with any questions before you submit.