Alex Miller, @puredanger

Alex Miller created the Strange Loop conference in 2009 and hasn't slept since. During the day, he's a fearless Clojure developer for Revelytix, building semantic web data integration and analytics products. At night, when he's not fighting crime or eating nachos he wrangles Strange Loop, Lambda Lounge, and the Clojure Lunch Club in St. Louis. Alex has 3 kids, 2 dogs, a cat, and a wife who puts up with all his idiotic ideas.

Mario Aquino, @marioaquino

Mario Aquino is a St. Louis software tinkerer with passionate opinions about testing, design, simplicity, and team dynamics. His main technology preoccupation is Ruby, but he generally tries to enjoy whatever sorts of problems his consulting career presents him. You can read more of his thoughts via Twitter (@MarioAquino) or his often ignored blog:

Ryan Senior, @objcmdo

Ryan Senior is a Senior Engineer at Revelytix Inc writing Semantic Web software in Clojure. Previously he worked as a Software Architect in the Emerging Solutions department of BJC Healthcare. He has worked in many other industries including insurance, finance and manufacturing. His main interests are software design, programming languages and the semantic web.

Nick Cowan

Nick Cowan is, of all things, a purveyor of corporate tax lore. However his avocation is the love of music, of which his knowledge is both wide and deep. He brings this knowledge to the forefront as a DJ spinning music to scare young and old alike on KDHX 88.1 FM. Nick has a deep and enduring love of bacon and once killed a bear with a fork. A more lengthy and less factual bio can be found here.

Bridget Hillyer, @BridgetHillyer

Bridget Hillyer was a software consultant for many years but gave that up to pursue her own software product ideas. She won a coveted spot as a Strange Loop organizer after winning the 2010 Strange Loop cookie eating contest. You may also know her from ClojureBridge.