Strange Loop is a multi-disciplinary conference that aims to bring together the developers and thinkers building tomorrow's technology in fields such as emerging languages, alternative databases, concurrency, distributed systems, mobile development, and the web.  

Strange Loop was created in 2009 by software developer Alex Miller and is now run by a team of St. Louis-based friends and developers under Strange Loop LLC, a for-profit venture.

Principles that Strange Loop is built around:

  • No marketing.  Keynotes are never sold to sponsors.  If sponsorship includes a paid talk, that will be clearly noted in the schedule and every effort will be made to ensure that even paid talks are tech-focused and relevant. To date, Strange Loop has never included any sponsor talks. The conference mailing lists are never sold or given to sponsors (most big conferences do this).
  • Tech, not process.  Talks are in general code-heavy, not process-oriented (agile, testing, etc).  There are many fine speakers, topics, and conferences in the process area.  This is not one of them.
  • Technology stew.  Interesting stuff happens when you get people from different areas in the same room.  Strange Loop has a broad range of topics.
  • Moderately priced.  Strange Loop jettisons some traditional aspects of a conference and runs lean to provide you more value for the money. 
  • Talks are only part of the picture.  Strange Loop is not just about learning in traditional sessions.  It is also about making connections, sharing ideas, and creating value for the community.
  • Reasonable length.  2-3 days is the sweet spot for a conference.  1-day conferences are not worth the travel time.  Conferences longer than 3 days are not sustainable - if you're doing it right you can't soak in any more information at that point anyways.

We hope you can join us!