Strange Loop

September 26-28 2018


Peabody Opera House


St. Louis, MO

Keynote 3

Amal Ahmed

Northeastern University

Amal Ahmed is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Northeastern University. She was previously an Assistant Professor at Indiana University and a Research Assistant Professor at the Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago. Her research interests lie in programming languages and compiler verification, with a focus on type systems, semantics, secure compilation, safe language interoperability, and gradual typing. She is known for her work on scaling the logical relations proof method to realistic languages---with features like memory allocation and mutation, objects, and concurrency---leading to wide use of the technique, e.g., for correctness of compiler transformations, soundness of advanced type systems, and verification of fine-grained concurrent data structures. Her primary focus for the last few years has been on developing an architecture for building correct and secure compilers that support safe inter-language linking of compiled code. Her awards include an NSF Career Award, a Google Faculty Research Award, and a George Van Ness Lothrop Fellowship. She has served as program chair for ESOP and on the steering committees of ETAPS, ESOP, PLMW, and ICFP. She is also a frequent lecturer at the annual Oregon Programming Languages Summer School (OPLSS).